Friday, November 5, 2010

Internet Explorer Support

Computer industry is moving to a cloud computing model where more and more of our day-to-day work is performed through the Web browser, products like Microsoft Internet Explorer are more important than ever before. Microsoft focuses on security, speed, and adds cool features with Internet Explorer. Microsoft to ship a standards compliant version of its Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser.
    Internet Explorer 9 Easier to use than ever, IE9's  special features are HTML5 video support, the new "Chakra" JavaScript engine, support for new-fangled web technologies like CSS3 and SVG2, and its GPU acceleration.

Let's Check What Internet Explorer-9 Offers

Internet Explorer 9 has undergone a makeover that pushes it ahead the current web browsers in terms of hardware acceleration.

Tabs in IE-9
IE 9 lets you tear tabs away from the browser and place them into their own independent windows. You can also dock independent browser windows as tabs in an existing window.  Internet Explorer 9 keeps the browser completely active even while it's moving around the desktop. Each tab is a separate process, so if one tab crashes, the rest of the tabs can continue

IE-9 Interface.
IE 9 is now the most space-efficient mainstream browser for Windows. Instead of separate rows for its address bar, search bar, tabs, and buttons, the new browser has one row for its forward/back buttons, address bar, and tabs.
      Internet Explorer 9 sets the new gold standard for space efficiency, providing 21 pixels more than Google Chrome 6, the previous gold standard, when both browsers are in windowed mode. Like Chrome, IE 9 does not have a persistent status bar that takes up space at the bottom of the application, but the top area of the window uses 21 fewer pixels.

Download Manager and Security Enhancements
IE-9 lets you see all your active downloads, just as you can with other Windows web browsers. The download manager window tells you the basic vitals on your download's progress, and lets you pause or cancel it. This is pretty standard on other browsers.

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