Friday, July 1, 2011

Internet Explorer Tips

How to Fix Internet Explorer Stuck on a Proxy Server

Computer owners use proxy servers to enable greater privacy when web browsing or to restrict access to unwanted websites. Many businesses also utilize proxy servers in order to control Internetaccess on the corporate network. Proxy servers cache websites and serve these stored websites to you as you browse in Internet Explorer. If you are on a corporate server, you should not alter (and may be unable to alter) proxy server settings without network administrator access or permission. Home users may alter proxy server settings in Internet Explorer through the Control Panel.


1.Click on "Start," then choose "Control Panel."
2.Click on "Classic View" in the left column.
3.Open "Internet Options."

4.Click on the "Connections" tab.

5.Click on "LAN Settings."

6.Uncheck the options currently checked. These options are "Automatically detect settings," "Use automatic configuration script" or "Use a proxy server for your LAN."

7.Click "OK," then select "Apply." Click "OK" again.
8.This way you can fix the issue. 

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