Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Delete Internet Explorer Browser Cache For a Particular Website

There are times when we need to delete the cookie of a website due to any personal or security reason. But most of the browsers don’t provide the option of deleting a particular cookie. They only provide the option of deleting the entire cookie folder or expired cookies only.
Considering this problem, Internet explorer 9 has come up with a new feature in which you can delete browser cache or cookie for a particular domain only. Till now, IE9 is the only browser in which you can have this feature.

Steps to Follow

  • To do so open IE9 and open the domain whose cache or cookies you want to clear. Now click F12. This will open the Developer Tools.

  • Next click on the Cache tab and from the options select Clear cookies for domain.
  • To clear Browser Cache for the particular domain only, select Clear browser cache for this domain. Alternatively, you can also use the hotkeys Ctrl+D to do the same.

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