Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to Password Protect Internet Explorer

How to Password Protect Internet Explorer

To password protect Internet Explorer you do not need to install any third party software. Internet Explorer has in built feature called Content Advisor which you can use to restrict access to all the websites you want to. You can create a list of approved and disapproved websites. To enable Content Advisor password just follow the simple steps below.

Steps to Follow

  • Start Internet Explorer, and then go to the 'Tools' heading on the toolbar. Click on 'Internet Options.'
  • Select the 'Content' tab.

  • Click on the 'Enable' button.
  • Then click on the General tab.

  • Under “Supervisor Password” click on “Create Password”. Then type password into the provided field.

  • Next set a Password Hint. This hint will help you remember your password should you ever forget it then click OK.

  • Hit the 'OK' button. Your content controls on Internet Explorer are now password protected.  You will be prompted for your password any time you want to make changes to your content controls.

Now the next time anyone tries to open a website with Internet Explorer the user will be presented with a dialog box asking to enter the password.

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