Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 - Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Explorer 9 - Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts beginning with Alt

Alt: This will show the IE menu bar, after selecting an option; the menu bar will hide automatically.
Alt + X: Opens the tools menu where you can access more options e.g. restore closed tabs, access internet options and more.
Alt + M: Go to the home page set in Internet Explorer options.
Alt + C: Manage browsing history, view feeds and bookmarks (favorites)
Alt + 9: Force Internet Explorer rendering mode.
Alt + Home: Open the Home menu
Alt+R: Open the Print menu
Alt+J: Open the RSS menu

Alt+O: Opens the tools menu
Alt+S: Opens the Safety menu.
Alt + H: Open the Help menu.
Alt+Z: Open the Add to Favorites menu (or open Subscribe to feed when in feed preview)
Alt+ A: Open the Favorites menu from the menu bar
Alt+ I: Display all feeds (when in feed view)
Alt+ M: Mark a feed as read (when in feed view)
Alt+ S: Put the cursor in search box in feed view
Alt+ C: Open Favorites Center and display your favorites

Keyboard shortcuts beginning with Ctrl

Control + D: Can be used to bookmark a webpage or add it to your Internet explorer favorites.
Control + T: Opens a new browser tab
Control + w: Closes the current browser tab.
Control + K: Copies the current browser tab and opens it.
Control + N: Open a new Internet Explorer window.
Control + J: Opens the Internet Explorer Download Manager.
Control + L: Select the address bar so that you can type in a new address.
Control + B: organize your Internet Explorer favorites.
Control + +: Zoom in a webpage
Control + –: Zoom out in a webpage
Control + o: Open a webpage
Control + S: Save a web page for offline viewing.
Control + Shift + Tab: Move back through tabs
Control + Tab: Move forward through tabs.

Keyboard Shortcuts Starting With F1-F12 Buttons

F12: Opens the developer toolbar for debugging- great improvement, Firebug for internet explorer added by default.
F5: Refresh or reload the current webpage
F1: Display help.
F4: Displays a list of addresses you have typed.
Other Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9

Delete browsing history Ctrl+Shift+Del
Open an InPrivate Browsing window Ctrl+Shift+P
Open the Organize Favorites dialog box Ctrl+B
Open Favorites Center and display your history Ctrl+H
Open Favorites Center and display your feeds Ctrl+J
Open and dock the Favorites Center and display your feeds Ctrl+Shift+J

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