Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Restore IE History

If you want to monitor the internet activities of your children or anyone,sometimes it find difficult as they might be cleared the internet history. But here is a tweak to restore those deleted temporary internet files.

This article will help you to restore deleted temporary Internet Files.

Steps to Follow
  • Find a time when you can have private access to the computer without being interrupted. This will allow you to restore and browse through the deleted temporary files without having your efforts disrupted.
  • Choose a recovery software program. There are many affordable programs available. Some are free, and others offer a free trial that will allow you some degree of usage without paying. Links to some popular recovery programs can be found in the Resources section.
  • Download and install the recovery software you selected in the previous step. This will install the program on your computer so you can use it to scan the deleted file sectors on the hard drive.
  • Open the program you installed. Allow the program to scan the hard drive for deleted files, including the temporary Internet files. You will have the option of keeping these files as deleted or restoring them to the hard drive. Either way, you will have a detailed list of websites to browse through.

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