Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Internet Explorer Tips

Error "Your security setting level puts your computer at risk"?
You are getting this message because certain security settings are at a lower level than is recommended. By default, Internet Explorer has a minimum level for some settings that can help protect your computer from websites that are trying to install malicious or unwanted software without your knowledge or permission.

If you set IE's Internet or Restricted Zone settings to an option that is not recommended the following will appear which replaces your home page and the information bar will display a warning.
The IE team have taken this step, which some see as nagging, because reality is that users were lowering their security settings for whatever reason, and then forgetting to increase them again, or malware or third party programmes were lowering IE's security settings without the user's knowledge.    Far too many ISP help desks, and other computer support providers were advising users to reduce their security settings as a troubleshooting step, but not telling the user to put them back up again when finished.

To combat this forgetfulness and the sneaky behind-the-scenes tricks by the bad guys or antisocial software, the IE team decided it was best to continually warn users if their security settings had been lowered if the change allows arbitrary code to execute.

There is no way to disable this warning via Internet Explorer's user interface, although it is possible to disable it using Group Policy (gpedit.msc).  Navigate to Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Internet Explorer. Set “Turn off the Security Settings Check feature” to "Enabled".

The security settings that trigger the alert if lowered are marked with the words "not secure" and "recommended", for example:

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