Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Uninstall IE9

Recently I have downloaded and installed Internet Explorer 9 beta on my laptop to see what Microsoft is up to with their new browser. But since then I had problem while opening some programs like Windows Live Writer (it is the older version of WLW of course), which was getting crashed even before it could start. I was quite sure that the IE 9 could be the culprit and in fact an article at Windows support knowledge base suggested me that I was right. Ok, all I need to do is to uninstall the Internet Explorer 9 from my PC. I followed the usual routine: Control Panel > Programs> and clicked Turn Windows features on or off.But some times IE9 won't be listed over there.

The fact is that when you choose to install Internet Explorer 9 beta, it’s going to be installed as an windows update. So if you want to uninstall this program, you need to uninstall from the installed windows updates list.

Steps to Follow:
Go to Control Panel > Programs > Click “Uninstall a program”.
Click on “View installed updates” link.
Now search for “internet explorer” in the installed updates list.
Just right-click and choose “uninstall” and accept the confirmation.
Just restart the computer once the uninstallation is over and there you go, you have Internet Explorer 8 back on your PC instead of Internet Explorer 9

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