Saturday, March 26, 2011

Internet Explorer Tweaks

 Set the Internet Explorer toolbar image.
This tweak lets you change the toolbar background image of internet explorer. Here, the background image must be light enough to show black colors. You can try it in all potential screen resolutions up to 1600*1200. For this, go to start > run menu, enter regedit and navigate to the registry path listed below. You can create a string value backbitmapie5 in the right panel, if this value does not exist. Now, right-click and modify the value with the desired path of bitmap(.bmp) image which you want to show on toolbar background. However, if you want the default look of internet explorer, delete the added value.

Steps to Follow

  • First, click the 'Start' button, and select 'Run'. In the resulting dialog box, type "regedit"
  • Second, go to the <b>[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\]</b> key, right-click on the blank area in the right pane and click on "New > String Value" to create a new String value with the name "BackBitmapIE5"
  • Third, right-click on the 'BackBitmapIE5' String value and click on "Modify".
  • Finally, enter the Bitmap image Path in the text box and click on 'OK'.

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