Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Change Font Styles Used for Webpages in IE

How to Change Font Styles Used for Webpages in IE
To Change the Font without overriding the Website Font Setting

NOTE: These settings will not affect webpages that are designed to prevent changes to fonts. This will not allow you to override website font settings.
  • Open Internet Explorer, and then click on Tools and Internet Options.
  • In the General tab under Appearance, click on the Fonts button.

  • To Select Your Own Fonts
Ø      Select the Language script from the drop down menu that you want to change the fonts for.
Ø      Select the Webpage font and Plain text font for the selected Language script.
Ø      Repeat steps 4A and 4B for other Language scripts that you wish to change the fonts of.
  • When finished, click on OK
To Override Website Font Settings

NOTE: This will allow you to use your font choices on all webpages, regardless of whether they've been specified by the website designer to prevent changes to fonts.

  • Click on the Accessibility button.

  • Check the Ignore font styles specified on webpages box, and click on OK.
  • Click on OK.

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