Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Fix IE When It Will Only Show Https Sites.

Sometimes, after downloading software, or after the expiration of your anti virus software, or after a Virus infection, Internet Explorer will mysteriously only work when going to an https site and will not go to any http sites.

Steps to Follow

       Method 1

  • Open up Internet Explorer.

  • Click on LAN SETTINGS

  • Under 'PROXY SERVER' you should see a box.
  • UNCHECK the box that says 'USE A PROXY SERVER
  • Click OK.
      Method 2 
  • Click on Start > Run then type the word cmd and click on Ok.

      Note: This will bring up the command prompt or the black screen, Type only the text in bold for the following commands.

  • Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults, type: NETSH INT IP RESET RESET.LOG

  • Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults, type: NETSH WINSOCK RESET CATALOG

  • Reboot the machine.
Note : You can also try the steps for Website Redirection

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