Friday, February 25, 2011

How to change the language settings in Internet Explorer

You can choose your preferred language in your browser's settings. You can even choose multiple languages. These settings are used by many websites to automatically display webpages in your preferred languages. This site, for instance, looks to welcome visitors in any of over 100 languages.
One of the reasons for this is that, of those people who speak English, only one quarter of them do so as first language. That three quarters of those who speak English understand other languages better, is increasing leading to websites providing content in multiple languages.

To change the language setting in Internet Explorer follows this procedure

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on the Tools menu
  • Click Internet Options
  • On the General tab select Languages

  • Click Add

  • Select the required language

  • Click OK

Note: You can select more than one language. If a Web site offers multiple languages the first priority language will be used.

To automatically detect a website’s language

Most webpages contain information that tells the web browser what language and character set to use when displaying the page. This type of information is referred to as language encoding. Internet Explorer can usually determine the correct language encoding, even if the webpage does not include language encoding information, as long as the Language Encoding Auto-Select feature is turned on. Here’s how to turn it on:
1.  Open Internet Explorer.
2.  Navigate to a webpage.
3.  Right-click the webpage, point to Encoding, and then click Auto-Select.

To manually select the language encoding for a webpage

Note: If Auto-Select cannot determine the correct language encoding and you know what language encoding it should be, you can manually select it.

1.  Open Internet Explorer.
2.  Navigate to a webpage you want to select a language for.
3.  Right-click the webpage, point to encoding, point to more, and then clicks the appropriate language.
4.  If you are prompted to download language support components, click Download.

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