Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Reopen the Last Browsing Session in Internet Explorer 9

          Steps to follow

·        Open Internet Explorer.
·        Click on Tools and Reopen Last Browsing Session.

·        Internet Explorer will now open the tabs with the websites that you had open in the last Internet Explorer browsing session.


  1. I cant believe there is no automatic way of doing is. Is there any plan to implment this function?

    1. I agree,,It's like microsoft engineers are programming for 1950's. Don't they check current features that are , oh I don't know,,USEFUL to other browsers/users,and implement them ?

      Microsoft is amazing in many ways, but here they are asleep at the wheel. THis IS a needed feature, as I get VERY tired of manually having to do it everytime, when firefox and chrome do it just fine with a simple checkbox option.

  2. i sooo second that - build in a damn checkbox to auto reopen the last session. how hard can this be? this along with a real adblocker that removes those annoying in-video ads from youtube are the two missing features that regularly drive me back to firefox ...